Spin Flash Dryer - SFD

  • This flash dryer is useful for mechanical dispersion and for adjusting the granule size of high humidity paste type material.
  • Under the action of hot air and mechanical dispersion, the wet cake appears granular and gets fluidized.
  • Instantaneous exchange of heat and mass takes place.
  • The dried materials are taken in the collector as powder products.
  • The system consists of double shaft screw followed by mono screw to feed homogenized material into dryer housing at controlled rate.
  • The tangential entry of air and mechanical action of agitator help to decompose lumps enabling intimate mixing of hot air with the product, and thus ensuring drying of the product.

  • Spin Flash Dryer-SFD
  • Spin Flash Dryer-SFD
  • Spin Flash Dryer-SFD
  • Spin Flash Dryer-SFD
  • The particle classification orifice on the top of drying chamber allows finer product to pass with exhaust gas to powder collection system.
  • The flash dryer is useful for drying sticky products, also effective against viscous materials.
  • The simple Flash Dryer is designed lo handle materials that can be suspended directly in air, requiring removal of free moisture.
  • Wet material is dispersed into a stream of heated air (or gas) which conveys it through a drying duct.
  • Using the heat from the air stream, the material dries as it is conveyed. Drying takes place in a matter of seconds, and the final moisture is generally in the constant rate drying zone.
  • Elevated drying temperatures can be used with many products since the flashing off of surface moisture instantly cools the drying gas without appreciably increasing the product temperature.
  • Product is separated using cyclone, and/or bag filter.
  • Typically, cyclones are followed by scrubbers or bag filters for final cleaning of the exhaust gases to meet current emission requirements.
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