Rotary KiIn/Calciner

  • A Rotary KiIn is a pyroprocessing device used to raise materials to a high temperature (calcination) in a continuous process.
  • Materials used rotary kilns include: cement, lime, refractories, metakaolin, titanium dioxide, alumina, vermiculite, iron ore pellets.
  • Rotary kiln is composed of cylinders, gears, support device, kiln liner and kiln tail sealing equipment, kiIn head hood and fuel device.
  • As a heated pivoting part, cylinder is made of high quality carbon steel plate and supported on the support device by wheel belt.
  • There is mechanical or hydraulic pressure catch wheel on the first or several support devices in order to control turning of cylinder.
  • Gears make cylinder rotate according to process-required rotating speed through the ring gear in the middle of cylinder.

  • Rotary KiIn/Calciner
  • Rotary KiIn/Calciner
  • Rotary KiIn/Calciner
  • Rotary KiIn/Calciner
  • Because of the need of installation or maintenance, the bigger rotary kiln has auxiliary rotary gears, which makes cylinder gyrate more slowly.
  • To prevent enter of cold air and dust overflow, the reliable kiln tail and head sealing equipment are installed on feed and discharge end.
  • Rotary kiln is a kind of thermal equipment, heating materials.
  • It is widely applied in the fields of non-ferrous metallurgy, ferrous metallurgy, refractory material, chemical materials and paper making.
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