Health, Safety & Environment Policy

Being a premier Engineering Works & Equipment company in the country, we have core value is to be a good corporate citizen. It is committed to the communities in which it works. Support to the community through various social development initiatives is the way through which it invests in society. This is done by supporting social projects in partnership with not for profit organizations both in rural and urban areas.

We provide money, medicines, time to non-profit organizations to help improve health and education in underserved communities. We focus on programs that are 'innovative, sustainable and bring real benefits to those most in need'.

Every product is designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact to preserve global resources for future generations. Our factories aim to reduce polluting releases like carbon emissions, promote high standards of energy management and to recycle and safely dispose waste. We are committed to implement significant initiatives of reduction in average consumption of water, reduction in generation of waste and use of renewable energy.

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